Experience a therapeutic massage, intuitively tailored to your needs. Soft music, a hint of incense in the air and hands trained to seek and soothe tight, tired and aching muscles.

With over fifteen years of hands on experience Joann draws her knowledge from many techniques. Within a framework of Swedish massage she can include, among others, aromatherapy, energy balancing and reflexology, helping to balance your body's energy so healing can begin.    

We offer a consortium of heath and beauty experts to provide you with a full range of treatments
- Detoxifying and cleansing seaweed wrap
- Refining clay pack
- Stimulating and exfoliating sea salt scrub
- Cleansing and firming facials
Manicure & Pedicure




Cristina adapts her styles to suit your head, your hair, and your desires. She's fast and meticulous and brings you a huge selection of beads and wraps to choose from. What a fun way to wear vacation hair!
   No detangling       
   No blow-drying      
   No bad hair days        
No hassle hair that takes you from swimming to horseback tour to dinner and dancing. Prices range from $120 pesos for very short hair to $300 pesos for very long hair, depending on length of hair, number of braids, tonnage of beads used, and additional materials.


Cynthia is a progressive, self-employed, hair stylist, formerly of Good Karma Hair, California. She is now on call for you here at Casa Tranquila. She uses enzymes - not peroxide- for faster working, no damage hair color. Cynthia achieves absolutely gorgeous results using only high quality products imported from the United States. All below prices are listed in Peso's
    Hair cut $180
    Highlights $
    Perm short hair $
    Perm long hair $
    Permanent color short hair $
    Permanent color long hair $
    Semi-permanent color short hair $
    Semi-permanent color long hair $