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Puerto Vallarta on 49 Braincells a Day
Gil Gevins

Although their principle aim is to entertain, these stories also give the reader a comprehensive view, albeit through a slightly damaged lens, of what life is really like for an American living and working in the land of mescal and mariachis. With 3 books written since his original Puerto Vallarta on 49 Braincells a Day, he doesn't show much chance of drying up anytime soon.  We sell his second book, Puerto Vallarta on a Donkey a Day, and #3,  Refried Brains.
More Tales of Retirement in Paradise in Puerto Vallarta and Around the World
Polly Vicars

ALL proceeds go to The America-Mexico Foundation to provide scholarships to over 300 Vallarta students. Only $100 pesos!

Virgin Territory: How I Found My Inner Guadalupe
Susan J. Cobb

Susan begins by remodeling a house on the coast of Mexico - and refurbishing her life along with it .  Virgin Territory will transport you to the rural lushness of Mexico's Pacific Coast, a region bursting with today's promise while still being deeply grounded in the past.  As she puts down new roots in an ancient land, she reshapes her perspective and reclaims her own sense of self.  The Virgin of Guadalupe, along with a variety of feminine icons, add a rich tapestry of focus, folklore, and color to her journey's landscape.

They Torn Down the Russell Hotel: A Story of Change in Small Town Mexico
Dave Easby

Dave and Anne, two Canadians with a very strong sense of adventure and a very  necessary sense of humor choose La Peñita as their retirement home.  The people of the town slowly welcome them into their little piece of paradise as the two newcomers gradually adapt to the Mexican way, adopt a beach dog, and eventually go from being visiting beach bums to active, and enthusiastic volunteers in the community.  This collection of funny, and sometimes moving, short stories follows Dave and Anne's adventures in trying to adapt to a very different way of life.  It is not just La Peñita that changes, Dave and Anne change too.
Puerto Vallarta in My Memories
Catalina Montes de Oca de Contreras

A very simple and sensitive history written by a woman born in 1900 who came here as a newlywed  to make her new home in 1918.   Her book is a wonderful trip into the past where the memories of Doña Catalina are converted into the memories of all of us as we adventure into its pages.  Her youngest daughter, Yolanda, encouraged her and helped to put the book together.  The first publication was in 1982.   The book is available in Spanish and in English.


Faces of Mexico
Curt Firestone

Within this special photographic collection, you will discover people of all ages, adults and children.  Some will be on park benches while others are hard at work.  In all cases, you will gain a special warmth as you peek in on their lives.  This is a treasure to visit over and over again.


Drama & Diplomacy
Jenny McGill

How did an American Airlines flight attendant end up wrangling dead bodies and drunks as consular agent in Puerto Vallarta?  In her memoirs, Jenny provides a fascinating glimpse into the life of a diplomat in a sultry Mexican beach town during the mid 70's to early 90's.


Memories of a Musician in Mexico
Mike Curtis
Points on a map of Mexico lead us on an amazing journey…thru the 70's, 80's, 90's and the 00's.  Very open and honest…."but mierda happens and I think I remember the best of it."  Mike is now a well known composer of jazz and ethnic chamber music and journeys to Mexico annually, exploring fascinating places and composing tributes to them.
















GRINGO'S COFFEE SHOP                



- Delicious homemade breads and pastries
- Fruits on a plate or in a smoothie
- Your basic Cuppa Jo, Espresso and all of its permutations            

Coffee grown and roasted by our neighbors, Yolanda Madera and Tom Burris, owners and operators of Café Superior. Tom is formerly of Seattle and a self-acclaimed coffee snob, Yolanda is from a coffee growing family.

Superior Coffee is committed to bring you the best cup of coffee in the region at a reasonable price while supporting the local coffee growing community.  All our beans come from the mountains of Jalisco and southern Nayarit.   We buy from family growers and small communities.

A typical example is the rich, aromatic coffee purchased from the indigenous community of Ixtlahuahuey, Cabo Corrientes, an isolated mountainous area near Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.  These people are sometimes referred to as the "Cloud People" because of the cloud enshrouded, high altitude, micro climate the live in.  Superior Coffee inspects the coffee crop first hand and purchases the harvests, at fair prices, directly from the growers.

Superior Coffee processes the beans themselves to ensure high quality standards and roast the coffee using a custom made locally built coffee roaster.


Coffee Shop 

Entrance to Book Store & Coffee Shop on Calle Morelos Bucerias Nayarit
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